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Suede – A Great Winter Bag

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With fall just beginning you are probably looking for a fall/winter bag. I have the perfect solution! Start your search to buy a Suede handbag. This is such a great winter fabric and is perfect with most of those heavy sweaters you will be wearing.

Suede comes in most colors. Of course the most popular colors of suede handbags are going to come in black & brown. These colors too don’t limit you on what you can wear, they will go with everything.

Suede Leather is very beautiful but you have to take good care of your suede purse. Due to the type of leather they are they can get dirty easily. The most important helpful hint I can give you  is to use the suede spray or scotch guard to protect the leather. I have found that at most shoe/boot repair stores they will do this at a very very reasonable price. (If you have suede boots for this winter I would recommend the same thing for them). This will insure many years of use for the suede bag your choose.

Lucky Brand Suede Shopper

Suede is such a beautiful soft leather. A really popular trend right now is suede patchwork purses. Lucky Brand makes many different suede bags and a very popular one this year is the  patchwork hobo and leather tote. These bags can be found on ebay at a very reasonable price usually ranging from $60.00 to $150.00 on average. The multi colored ones are usually in blues, yellows, browns, reds, purple, greens and grays. Which could match a endless array of clothing.

Another great option of affordable designer handbag especially if you like the bohemian hippie style Lucky Brand also has a suede handbag with leather fringe that usually cost around $50.00-$80.00 on average on the internet. I found these bags in brown, purple, orange, green, peach. These are all great colors and will add a pop to any wardrobe.

These are just a few of my ideas on how and what to look for when trying to find a winter bag!! Hope you find what you are looking for!!!

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