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Every Woman at one time or another has needed a clutch bag for a special occasion or a night on the town. Clutch Bags come in all kinds of materials including leather and a variety of colors, including one of my favorites the silver clutch purse. The clutch is carried under your arm or in your hands and is used to carry just the necessities you need for that occasion.

Antique Silver plated Filigree Clutch Purse

Almost every designer has a clutch handbag in there collection. You can find these bags in a variety of colors including black clutch bags which is probably the most popular, blues, grays, greens, red, white and many more. They also come in a variety of materials including leather, satin, lace, cloth, some have ruffles and I could go on forever.

Most recently woman have been carrying clutch purses for daytime. Seems like convenience and ease is the trend these days. These purses are being used for all occasions. Of course there is still the formal occasions, maybe you have a office party, great date or for younger ones a school prom or dance.

Finding these bags is a cinch too. You can find them all over the Internet and usually will find great deals when shopping online specials or sales. For me I always like to see them in person. There’s just something about holding it in your hand and touching it that makes buying a affordable designer handbag even more exciting to me. All of your local departments stores will carry them.  Also there is always the sale rack!!! Another avenue is going with a vintage or  antique clutch bag, they have been making this style for many many years and can still be found at your local thrift, antique or vintage store. I always like to find a bargain and they are always willing to negotiate. The silver clutch bag that I have pictured in this article was purchased at a local estate sale. This silver evening bag is very ornate with filigree details and was purchased at a fantastic price. This is a great place to shop for awesome bargains!!

So next time you have that special occasion get out there and find that amazing clutch bag that will be perfect for your out-ting!

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